TC Graduation Guide

Graduation Day is here and Terra Cotta has you covered from “what should I wear?” to “what should I gift?

.1 This Eva Franco Vivica Dress will make you “the star of the show with its fitted waist, pleated skirt, and shorter hem that creates a fun and feminine look that is best complimented with high heels and a color-pop bag.”  Architecture students anyone?

.2 Where will you be one year from today?  This One Line a Day: A Five Year Memory Book is a classic memory keeper.  The 365 daily entries appear five times on each page, allowing users to revisit previous thoughts and memories over five years.

.3 First impressions speak a thousand words.  This Russell + Hazel business card holder is a stylish and functional mini leather envelope that makes the perfect gift!  They are also available in several colors!

All of these items and more fabulous ideas are currently in stock at Terra Cotta!

With graduation right around the corner, we’d like to highlight one of Terra Cotta’s favourite designers Annie Griffin. The former SCAD-Atlanta student’s summer collection is currently available at the boutique, not to mention adorning our current window display.  Annie was so gracious to grant us an exclusive interview for the Terra Cotta Blog!

Annie Griffin and Robin Gerber, two sisters from Tennessee, are the creative and driving forces behind the Annie Griffin Collection.  Annie’s background in art and design was the perfect fit to Robin’s experience in fashion marketing.  The line is described as “distinguished by a retro flair, channeling soft and feminine silhouettes from an earlier era. While prices are attainable, her designs embody the richness of fine textiles, which evoke a stylish confidence in the women who wear them.”

TERRA COTTA:  Hello Annie!  Thank you so much for speaking with us!  Terra Cotta loves your line and we are excited to learn more about you!  How did your time at school affect your design aesthetic?

ANNIE GRIFFIN: My time at the Meadows School of Art at SMU was the perfect backdrop for my design work. I learned how to use color, and I learned about proportions and composition.  It all seems to translate when selecting fabrics and choosing colors for a collection to provoke a mood. 

Then at SCAD I studied fashion design and learned everything from sewing and pattern making to how to design a cohesive collection. Just being in the SCAD fashion department was inspiring.  There were many sleepless nights spent in the studio, and it was those late nights that I learned the most.  There are endless techniques to sewing and pattern making, but being around such a talented group of students inspired me take on new challenges. 
TC:  What did you find to be the most challenging and rewarding part about starting your own business right out of college? 
AG: Being out there by myself.  Design is what I love, but learning the ins and outs of how to run a start-up business were by far the most challenging aspects for me.  I’d have to say the most rewarding aspect of the business is seeing the reorders come in each season. With every reorder, I feel my work is being validated.
TC:  What is your favorite part about your job?
AG: My favorite part of the job is the whole creative process, from the inspiration to the completion of a collection.
TC:  What advice can you give to recent graduates?
AG: I would encourage all students with a flare for design to explore all opportunities out there.  Designers are always looking for interns with a fresh eye, and enthusiasm. The most important thing you can do is to get an internship or work in the field.  Learn as much as you can before considering taking the plunge. My sister wanted to start working with me when she graduated college, but I insisted she work in the industry first.  The fashion industry is so much more than pretty clothes and runways. It’s a complicated business that needs constant nurturing. 
TC:  We love your line!  What inspires you and your designs?  What are you currently obsessing over?

AG: My inspiration is truly everything around me in my daily life.  I am inspired by color, architecture, nature, interiors, my travels, you name it…  I am always looking for interesting things that catch my eye.

I am currently obsessing over white washed cropped skinnies, the AG Roxy Tank in Salmon Stripe, and broad band flat sandals.

Thank you so much Annie!  If you’d like to find out more about Annie’s designs, check out her blog and please be sure to check out Annie Griffin’s Summer Collection at Terra Cotta!

Also, congratulations to all of our local friends and business who participated in Savannah Fashion Week as well as the SCAD Fashion Show!  Everyone did an amazing job!

Don’t forget to check out the store, we are still having a HUGE SALE and there’s still time to enter the BC Giveaway!  The winner will be announced soon!

Ciao, Terra Cotta

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