Wrap It Up : June

June’s summer sun is setting as July’s fireworks soon approach.  What better way to wrap it up than with a scarf!   The Terra Cotta Woman relies upon her collection of summer scarves to give elegance to her tank top, personalize her bag, create mystery around the brim of her hat, or protect herself from the sun.

 Terra Cotta currently carries a great selection of Thomas Paul scarves, with oversized illustrated prints that are “uncommonly wonderful”. Whimsical, nautical, and animal illustrations are screen printed on summer weight wools and luxurious cottons.

These scarves are decorative enough to use as a throw on your couch and impressive enough to make a statement at your upcoming summer engagement.

Just how many ways can you grace a scarf around your neck? If you have ever had a Terra Cotta Stylist show you, then you know the possibilities are endless no matter the season or occasion!

The Terra Cotta Girls love Wendy Nguyen‘s “25 Ways to Wear a Scarf” video as inspiration and would like to share it with you…

We have dozens of lightweight, colorful summer scarves that will be perfect for your summer soiree in Savannah, siesta on Italy’s Cinque Terre, or Africian safari!

One last thing, but shhhhhhh it’s a secret!  Terra Cotta will be having a WHITE SALE from June 29th-July 8th.  Mention this blog post and you’ll receive 25% off white jeans, white dresses, and white blouses!

See you in July!

Ciao, Terra Cotta

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