Giveaway : July

Hobo is “a lifestyle brand founded on the principles of creativity, originality, and quality.”

Haven’t you always wanted to cash in your life savings and put it all into something you love? That kind of passion is what drove Toni Ray to start our favorite handbag line, Hobo the Original back in 1991. Along with her daughter Koren Ray, and son-in-law, David Brewer, they made handbags on their dining room table in Annapolis, MD, bought a van, and headed to New York to sell the first Hobo Handbag in 1991.

“The original Hobo logo is inspired by the spirit of those who live by their own rules and navigate life’s journey in style”.  No wonder this brand resonates with The Terra Cotta lifestyle and why we have been loving it for so many years! Hobo… “Builds innovative design, purposeful details, and iconic style into (all of their) signature products” and “has a passion for the past and an eye to the future.”

In 2003, the “iconic double frame clutch” wallet, Lauren, was born. By far our best selling wallet style, this carry-all is incredibly well designed and from a brand that is designed by women, for women, why wouldn’t it be?

The Lauren, made of Italian top-grain leather, has a secured center panel for your ID and room to grow!  Just how many things can you fit in your Lauren? We are always surprised! Our friends at Hobo graciously took apart a Lauren wallet to share with us just how many pieces go into making one!

Toni Ray is quite the inspiration. She is truly a “bags to riches” story as the Washington Post reported back in 2006. What does she plan on doing next? “She thinks maybe she’ll write a book, a guide for men she will call “How a man can judge a woman by the Handbag she carries” It will include tips like, “If’ she’s carrying a big sack bag, she’s artistic. If she’s carrying a Gucci or Coach, she’s very into status, and how much is that going to cost you in life? She plans to start a foundation to help women in business.”

As a Thank-You to all of our loyal Hobo fans for supporting local business over the years, we want to give you the chance to win this gorgeous Tropical Garden Print Lauren Wallet! We would love to hear from you about your loved Hobo too! Where has it gone? Who has it been passed down to? How many years have you had it?

How to Enter:

1.  Share this giveaway on your Facebook wall!  You can also share on a friend’s wall too, where multiple shares will equal multiple entries!

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You have from now until the end of July to enter!*

*UPDATE* GIVEAWAY Entry is closed.  Thank you to all who entered and congratulations to Laura R. on her win!  Continue to check the blog for future giveaway opportunities like this one.

Best of luck and don’t forget to mention this post to receive 25% off all apparel, shoes, and handbags for the month of July!

Ciao, Terra Cotta

interview/article credits : From Bags to Riches by Darragh Johnson on The Washington Post

photo credits : hobo international, washingtonian

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5 thoughts on “Giveaway : July

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  2. I shared your give away on my blog, twitter @chereden, and on some friends’ Facebook walls. Thank you so much for the hospitality in your shop this evening – even though it was after 6! Best, Cheryl

  3. Lovely! My vintage wallet is sadly falling apart and I need a new one desperately! This one would be perfect. Signed up for your newsletter & shared on facebook. Thanks for the opportunity! xoxo

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