Wrap It Up : July

Versatility is one of the Terra Cotta Woman’s favorite words.  Summer should be carefree and she invests in items that can be used for “this, this, this, and that”.  She expects her choices to have the flexibility to easily adapt from one thing into another and the capability to perform various tasks.  She is proud to remind herself that even she can save money by making a good investment.

On days when she finds herself lounging by the water, or arising from a goodnight soak, the Terra Cotta Woman embraces her European lifestyle by bringing along her beautifully hand loomed Turkish towel, or what some may call a pestemal.

Lightweight, absorbent, and quick to dry, this European necessity is considered a traditional handicraft.  Produced entirely by hand and intricately woven on looms, the yarns obtained by the processing of fibers cocoon and then vitalize, creating the most beautiful pestemals.

The elegant Turkish towel can be made from linen, cotton, or bamboo. They are incredibly durable and will not hold onto dust.  Their simple and neutral color palettes reflect light, while keeping you cool.

The Terra Cotta Women always has a turkish towel on hand for a picnic, a sprint through the Ellis Square Fountain, or a trip out to Tybee. It transitions to be the center of attention as a table runner at her summer soiree, or a decorative towel in her Greecian bathroom.  She may even wear it as a throw for an evening film at Trustees Theater.

These pestemals are considered a traditional Turkish “his and her” wedding gift and essential to the Terra Cotta lifestyle. Wouldn’t they be a great gift for your Fiber friends who would swoon over the fine hand loom work?  Yes, they will last just like your heirloom wardrobe pieces and live far beyond their expectations, just like the our favorite Hobo International handbags.  These towels become more beautiful with age, much like the Terra Cotta Woman herself.  Bellissimo.

 Farewell to July and a summer near it’s end.  We know that the Turkish towels will become your dear friend.  Let’s wrap it up and we hope to see you soon again.

Ciao, Terra Cotta

photo one : style per se photo set two : heirloom philosophy photo set three : pinterest

information via the turkish towel store

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