What’s New : August


Make it BIG and paint it red.

How do you dress a Sundae? A fluff of whip cream and a cherry on top, of course! It’s the perfect balance of bright atop white.

 This August, the Terra Cotta Woman sheds all inhibitions and clothes herself in rich and creamy hues that the eye gravitates towards and lingers on. Statement color skinny jeans, the anticipated return of the palazzo, and geometric cuts help her wear colors she normally wouldn’t.

This seasons luscious red softens it’s siren call, all with a dollop of cream on top.

.1 Henry & Belle  Super Skinny Ankle Pants

.2 Hutch Design Brick Twill Wide Leg Pleated Pant

.3 Annie Griffin Elizabeth Dress

Henry and Belle, Terra Cotta’s denim go-to out of Chicago, impresses us once again this season with Chili and Ginger colored ankle skinnies, perfect to pair for that pop of fall color.

With old friends, we also welcome new ones and would like to introduce you to the newest brand at Terra Cotta, Hutch Designs. Hutch designer, Daniel Saponaro, states that the Hutch girl, “knows how to dress for every occasion, and she owns the perfect shade of red lipstick. She fills her closet with dresses that are fun but ageless, feminine but versatile. She opts for timelessness over trendy, as a rule, and she never underestimates the power of a high heel.” Hutch, we think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

And with old friends and new friends alike, we know we can always count on Atlanta-based and former SCAD-student, Annie Griffin, for classic cuts and designs that should be listed on a dessert menu.

Red is the first color the human eye recognizes.  It tells us what’s hot and demands us to stop and look at it.  It is undeniably sexy, intensely passionate, and a color of strength.  Red flowers. Red lipstick.  Don’t you remember that woman in the red dress?

Cream, in itself, is far from the absence of color.  In union with crimson, it becomes an affirmation, balancing red’s ferocious tenacity.  Inviting and warm, timeless and chic, The Terra Cotta Woman blushes in the lustrous glow of cozy cool creams and rich ruby decadence.

Here in Savannah, our distinction between seasons is how we dress.
We are smitten with this year’s street style from Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Paris and the 2012 Celine ready to wear collection shown above.
Feel inspired to change your personal palette and renew your wardrobe with vibrant accessories that finish your look:
.1 Wardani leather wrap bracelet
.2 Chan LUU coral wrap bracelet
.3 Cookie & the Dude hair barrettes and button earrings
As we ease into fall, the Terra Cotta Woman remembers a place where the leaves change into glorious colors, translating our moods onto the vibrant autumn of the mountainside.  Although Savannah may not see these pearly snowcapped mountains or change in the leaves, we can still dress like they exist, here and now, and personify the seasonal feeling of fall.
Ciao, Terra Cotta
photos via : celine and eye covet

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