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Working Girl

The new, modern and chic office/back to school wear.

The Terra Cotta Woman‘s is in transition this August as she switches gears into an early fall. Her confidence takes charge as the kids go back to school and her schedule suddenly fills up with new fall agendas. You can still hold onto that slow summer feeling and bring it back with you to the workplace.

This August let us show you how that  typically stark work environment can be lightened up with “decidedly feminine touches”.

 “Dress shabbily, they notice the dress. Dress impeccably, they notice the woman” – Coco Chanel

Nic&Zoe‘s fall collection at Terra Cotta helps transition suiting to easy mix-and-mingle pieces with beautiful colors that are bright enough for your workplace without becoming the talk of the cubicle.  With the consistent fit and quality we’ve all come to love, feel-good fabrics and a passion for open weave knit sweaters, we can see the heart of designer Dorian Lightbown in her Fall 2012 Barcelona Collection.

The heightened state of influential television series like “Mad Men” is having quite the affect on the way we dress for the workplace. Remember that late 80’s film “Working Girl“? Power dressing for the workplace doesn’t have to mean shoulder pads and costume jewelry… thank you Melanie Griffith!

The concept behind power dressing has always rested in projecting the inner confidence and ability of the wearer through their dress, and the coming Autumn season heralds an energetic return to authority driven dressing in all its commandeering glory.

   This Fall, your alpha-female energy  can purr in animal print once again in an updated geometric shape that feels less kitten and more lioness. This Fossil flat has such a reasonable heel height, it will not only become your work shoe but your after-work shoe, and your weekend shoe, and your running errands shoe.

The structured tote is something every woman needs!  How organized is your work bag? With all the hustle and bustle in our every day life, how long does it take you to find your iphone? Your lipstick?  Sunglasses?

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, jet-setter, banker, or mother, nothing feels better then when everything has a place.  You need a bag that is organized with updated pockets for your ipads, laptops, and smart phone devices. The following are the Terra Cotta Girls top picks for your carry-all and organized work bags by Hobo the Original.

.1 Annalisa in Black .2 Morena in Amber .3 Lauren Wallet in Dove

As Autumn rolls around, its time to let the clothes do the talking. Slink into creative color palettes and pattern play with ensembles that feel confidently feminine and authoritative.  If the urge to quote Tess McGill’s infamous line becomes overwhelming, well go ahead and indulge, after all “we are not steak, and you can’t just order us”.


Terra Cotta

quotes via the erudite

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