Giveaway : August

“They were so handsome for the first time, my feet seemed to me unacceptable.  I resisted the mad impulse to put them in a golden cage and each day give them birdseed and pieces of pink melon.”

 -Pablo Neruda’s “Ode to Socks”

– Narissa Flat –

Neruda perfectly describes the feeling when indulging your feet to a Chocolat Blu footwear treat.  If you have ever tried on a pair, you know exactly what we are talking about.

It’s like your first bite into a rich, smooth, decadent piece of chocolate that you know you deserve.  You actually look around to see if anyone notices the expression on your face. It’s something you may want to talk about, but don’t want to share.  It opens up your eyes a little bit wider and creates the opportunity for a smile to grace its way onto your face.

Too much of a good thing? Not in this case.

It’s more than wishful thinking, Chocolat Blu Shoes are good for you.  Studies show that a timeless design that is also comfortable can give you improved health benefits;  such as good looking feet, and looking good while walking.  Top grain leathers and  spot-on color forecasts keep you looking modern while feeling fresh.  You want to stand out, literally, and Chocolat Blu shoes are a step in the right direction.

.1 Marty Wedge  .2 Goldie Flat  .3 Breezy Wedge

Chocolat Blu updates their styles each season with innovative leather treatments and creative cushioning for the ultimate comfort experience. Our customers are saying that their Chocolat Blu shoes actually make them feel good.  Isn’t that what it all comes down to?

  You may experience increased brain activity when you see their Fall 2012 collection. The color palette of metallics and earthy burgundy and bronzy darks are sending endorphins to our brain.  Like a fine glass of wine, they  only get better over time.  On a recent trip to New York, Terra Cotta’s buyers were lucky enough to dine with the designer behind the brand.  They described the Vermont native and FIT grad as ” extremely humble and kind, down to earth, someone who never anticipated the success from her simple designs.

– Cam Flat –

The Terra Cotta Girls describe the fit of our number one selling shoe, the “Cam” Flat, as feeling like an “Italian Bed Slipper.”  A style that is so timeless, we constantly order it again and again because their comfort and design are like no others on the market. Everyone should have at least one pair.

Are you salivating yet?   Don’t worry, we want to give you a chance to enjoy these beauties for yourself and that is why we are hosting another…

Terra Cotta GIVEAWAY!

This month, when you purchase a pair of Fall shoes at Terra Cotta, you’ll receive an entry for this giveaway! How easy is that?  You may enter from now until the end of this month and we will announce the winner soon after. Buy two pairs and increase your chances to win!

Ciao, Terra Cotta

UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed.

Congratulations to Gwendolyn Cushing from Atlanta, GA who won a

FREE pair of CAMS from Terra Cotta! 

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