Lifestyle: September

“That is unusual, to look like you had just walked out of a fairy tale. She had nothing human about her, just mystery.”

-Ivy Nicholson

 The  60’s inspiration this fall invites enchanted silhouettes of this groovy decade into our wardrobes.

Take a look through the racks at Terra Cotta and you may start singing Brigitte Bardot’s  “La madrague”.  We’re diggin’ the vibe, channeling the mysterious styles of Edie Sedgwick, and Twiggy into our ready-to wear. These fearless women boldly displayed a style that rebelled against the 50’s classics.  The prints boast confidence, wide-brimmed hats draw attention to cat-like eyes, and getting dressed isn’t just about getting by, but being noticed.  Embrace the overall attitude of our 60’s heroines, by consciously choosing pieces that give you the burst of confidence you need to feel you.

“When I was with Andy Warhol, I was dancing jazz ballet twice a day so I just wore my leotards…so I just trotted around in my leotards.

When I went out on the street, I’d but on a coat…

Vogue photographed me in leotards and a t-shirt as a new costume” – Edie Sedgwick

“Do you need a reason for loving”.. Terra Cotta’s latest looks
1. Union Jack printed tights.
2. San Diego Hat. wide-brimmed fedora.
3. Fossil leopard pump.
When it comes to a designer who masters the art of 60’s styles with an updated twist, Francis by Christian Francis Roth dances jazz ballet to the front of the line.  We are consistently in awe of his vintage-inspired collections. The details, the fabrics, the attitude.. it all translates so beautifully onto the radiating faces of our glorious customers.
Terra Cotta’s picks from “The Graduate Collection”
1. Mimi Paisley Dress.
2. Mimi Geo Print Silk Dress.
3. Lila Double Breasted Coat.
4. Nan Tie-Neck Paisley Blouse.

When he was only  “21, Christian Francis Roth was heralded by the fashion industry as 7th Avenue’s latest prodigy. His clothes featured whimsical pop art references evident in the now classic “Rothola” crayon dress and trompe loeil “Breakfast Suit”. Roth’s original designs won him the coveted CFDA “Perry Ellis Award for New Fashion Talent” and placed many of his designs on exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute.

For Fall 2012, Christian was inspired by  Mademoiselle magazines articles about young professionals. Educated women, entering the work world, and dressing accordingly. Remember when women used to know how to do that?

To Christian, “The natural hair, little to no makeup and the smiling (is) very refreshing”.  “The Graduate” collection communicates “a smart, happy look for an eclectic, pretty girl”.

Here are inspiration images from his Pinterest:
We Terra Cotta Girls are BIG fans.  Christian is your immediate friend. The humble designer was so kind to answer all of our questions about where his designs came from.. whether it was a 60’s math textbook, or vintage kimono silks.
A  60’s attitude can be embraced through a nostalgically printed shift, throwing on a pair of platformed heels, and fearlessly presenting who you truly are. Become the mysterious, effortlessly chic girl that you already know you are.
Ciao, Terra Cotta

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