Giveaway/Wrap It Up: September


On Sept. 6th, Terra Cotta teamed up with Vogue and businesses around the globe for one amazing night of celebration!

Fashion’s Night Out – Four years and going strong! Editors, stars, models, fashionistas, and designers all came together for one of fashion’s most iconic extravaganzas! Last year’s bash featured events in eighteen countries, including 4,500 FNO events in the States alone. Savannahians showed their support with an estimated 5500 people, two runways stages, a half-pipe skate ramp,VIP set-ups from Savannah Magazine, and plenty of pop up stores covering Broughton Street.

Not only we were celebrating the joy of shopping, but also Terra Cotta‘s 16th birthday!

What better way to embrace a sweet sixteen than with delicious cupcakes from Back In The Day, giveaways, live music, and an entire night dedicated to celebrating the customers and clothing that we love.

A photograph taken inside Terra Cotta when it first opened in 1996.

Can you believe it? Our owner, Christine Nussbaum, opened up shop in a Savannah that is quite different than it is today.She carried luxury soaps, considerate gifts, the fluffiest powder puffs you’ve ever seen, and a handful of comfort wear. Terra Cotta is renowned for excellent taste in quality products. Christine has held onto her  belief in beautiful presentation, excellent customer service, and  continual generosity.

Customers have been coming for 16 years, just to have a signature gift wrap! As a token of our gratitude, we gave away over 16 HUGE gifts this Fashion Night Out to our fantastic customers!

Have you ever heard the song by Donovan called  “I love my shirt?” . We feel this summed up the mood of our FNO evening. Our  window was inspired by a 1940’s  fall department store painting. Replicating the past, we included styles from some of our favorite vendors including  Nic+Zoe, Francis, and Fifteen-Twenty!  Racks were bursting into a  fall bloom with the latest looks for the season!  We have the most incredible selection of vintage inspired coats lined in faux fur, two-toned riding boots, plush cashmeres from Velvet and  gorgeous handbags in  the most opulent fall shades!

What a great kick-off to fall, filled with laughter and customers truly getting excited about shopping! We were too!

Fashion’s Night Out was made possible by the giving hearts of our fantastic vendors and the generous donations of our local FNO Savannah team! . Check out the photos of our lovely customers wearing the some of giveaways that they won from Fashion’s Night Out.

1. Irresistible newborn cupcakes from Back in the Day, 2. Stylist, Hannah Bering wearing one of the latest looks from Annie Griffin, 3. Detail of Eva Franco dress.  4. Our stylish customers Christy and Rose loving the fall looks! 5.Incredible DJ Keith Kozel spinning records out front- (Yes, spinning real old-school records!)  5. Detail of display  Chocolat Blu CAMs and Velvet sweaters

 We were able to give-away 18 fantastic prizes!! It feels so fantastic to be able to give back to the customers who have supported us for years! Thank you! Congratulations to all of our winners! We hope to see you soon to pick-up your giveaway!
We would like to give a special THANKS to all the vendors who contributed to our FNO event:
We couldn’t have done this without you!
-European Soaps
& Lorren Bell who graciously provided 50 giveaways for our guests!
Amelia, our store kitty, also had a great time at Fashion’s Night Out!
Terra Cotta
photo of Eva Franco dress via our wonderful customer, Bevin Valentine. Check out her awesome blog Magnolia Reverie to see how she styles her Terra Cotta finds!

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