What’s New: October

“A hat is a flag, a shield, a bit of armor, and the badge of femininity….it’s the difference between being dressed and being dressed up; it’s the difference between looking adequate and looking your best.

A hat is to be stylish in, to glow under, to flirt beneath, to make all others seem jealous over… a piece of magic is a hat.”

-Martha Sliter

Felt Hat from San Diego Hat Company

This October, our Terra Cotta Woman adorns her head with hats, headbands, and hoods…creating a sense of mystery…a dash of drama…and sprinkle of spirited character to any outfit she’s wearing.

Reversible hand knitted head-dress with faux fur lining and pockets.

(matching arm warmers also available)

Top it off  this October with a beret or a bowler, cocktail hat or a cloche, fedora or perhaps a feathered head dress.  Terra Cotta’s array of head turning accessories will be sure to excite your senses.  With an incredible selection of the season’s most sophisticated headbands, flirty fedoras, knitted caps, french tortoise hair clips, and ear warming turbans, the Terra Cotta girls can’t wait to adorn you!

1. Smoke Blue Wide Brimmed Fedora

2. Green Tweed Fedora with Leather & Feather Embellishment

3. Black Fedora with Bow Detail

“Why wear a hat?”  

You dress your body every day, you dress your feet, you bejewel your wrists and décolleté…so why not your head?

 Hats offer minimal effort with maximum effect. While part of the charm of this skyward style lies in a nostalgic formality, the practice hasn’t evolved beyond its time-honored challenges.

Knitted caps frame your face beautifully and can take you from bed head to Oh La La in no time.

 Perfect for biking, these headbands meet your turban desires and keep your fly-aways at bay on those wonderfully windy days. Transition your summer head scarf into it’s bohemian cousin, a knitted headband.


1. Chevron Knitted Headband with Button Closure

2. Cream Knitted Headband with Button Closure

How about wearing a beautiful hair clip or headband for when you take off your fedora?

Hand-made in France and Italy, these designers know how to hold your locks in place without damaging them. Lorren Bell, Wardani, and French Atelier’s tortoise hair clips and headbands are classic, versatile, and create a romantic, effortless hairstyle.

Molly Gee Designs also provides decadent, hand-made headbands for the woman who wants to take her look from day to night. Whether worn in a bohemian fashion with wavy tresses, or styled with a slick bun, these headbands will bring a whimsical sparkle to your face and fashion.

Hair accessories will always fit and make exciting, personal gifts for those you love. We hope you will discover the magical enchantment when you allow a headpiece to highlight your unique personality.  

photos via: San Diego Hat Company, Fashion Gone Rogue, Molly Gee Designs

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