Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day

Valentines Day

eva-franco-244__mediumOur friend Cedric Smith from You’re welcome Savannah did this gorgeous photo shoot for Valentine’s Day in Savannah!! We truly feel his artistic eye captures the mysterious beauty in a trail of light, or the wispyness of dress. Check out how he styled other fantastic boutiques by clicking on his blog link below!

The print on this Eva Franco dress is to die for. Vintage swimming ladies lined up in a row.
We have been anticipating it’s arrival for months!! What a great way to not be so cliche’ on Valentine’s Day. Beautiful necklaces can be customized to tell your unique story with individualized charms from Waxing Poetic.
Have you ever tried our Seychelles shoes? Our store is always bursting with their new styles!! You know what? They are just as comfortable as they are stylish! Truly. Stop by and try them on!!

waxing poetic nest73664_10151212703412205_1502067668_n

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