Designer Feature: Susana Monaco

Sometimes, the only piece of clothing a woman can rely on is a dress.

 Meet your new friend, Susana Monaco. A designer that the Terra Cotta Woman calls upon in times of need. This season you will find Susana sprinkled throughout our store like dappled sunlight. She’s easy to spot, brightening up our racks with the pebbled prints, the perfect shade of pink, rich royal navy, sultry oranges, radiant reds and brilliant blues.

 We’ve fallen in love with her modern silhouettes, fantastic quality fabrics, and the integrity she puts behind every detail in her designs. We know you will too.


  Susana Monaco is well-seasoned in the iron-clad secret world of the apparel industry.  She grew up completely immersed. Her  father, an engineer and a tailor, owned an apparel manufacturing company and began teaching her the in’s and out’s at an early age. The exquisite tailoring is apparent in each piece she designs. Susana believes in sustainability and all of her pieces are made in the US.

 Thanks to Cedric Smith Photography for this phenomenal opening image. Check out his website to see more.






 Your new Susana Monaco pieces will travel exceptionally well, are easy to care for, and are well behaved, so you don’t have to be.

Her pieces will flatter the line of a woman’s hip, accentuating the positive, and retain shape wear after wear.

It’s all about the fit and the fabric. Always.

xoxo Terra Cotta Girls

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