Leather, Pleather and Waxed

Here’s a peek at how the Terra Cotta Woman is incorporating the leather look into her wardrobe this season.

Color Blocking



Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day

Our friend Cedric Smith from You’re welcome Savannah did this gorgeous photo shoot for Valentine’s Day in Savannah!! We truly feel his artistic eye captures the mysterious beauty in a trail of light, or the wispyness of dress. Check out … Continue reading

What’s New: Savannah’s FIRST Boutique Warehouse SALE!!

Savannah Boutique Warehouse Sale

 This Saturday, February 9th your favorite Savannah Boutiques will be hosting their first ever Warehouse Sale!

(500 Washington Avenue, Sav GA 31405)



Tickets sold at the door $10 (cash only)
100% ticket sales donated to Savannah Arts Academy
Parking available 


We are really getting excited for this wonderful event!! The Terra Cotta girls will be bringing lots of fantastic finds at unbelievable prices!! You are sure to find something you truly can’t live without.  Participants include:

BleuBelle Boutique
Custard Boutique
Copper Penny
J. Paige
James Gunn
Kathi Rich
Palm Avenue
Sara Jane’s Childrens Boutique
Savannah Shoe Company
Terra Cotta
Trunk 13
Villa Savannah

Lots of exciting events coming up this year!! We are so grateful for all of our wonderful customers and their support. Thank you!

xoxo Terra Cotta


Holiday Dresses Anyone?


So excited about our new Eva Franco holiday dresses!

Introducing the…

1. Orla Dress

2. Betty Dress

3.Claudette Dress

4. Surprise Dress

Stop by and try one of these beautiful little numbers on…you know you want to. Each one of them is a dreamy show-stopper that is perfect for that last-minute holiday party.

Need some shoes to wear with that vintage-inspired dress?

How about a pair of our metallic Seychelles? Looks like a match made in holiday heaven.


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We would love to see how you are wearing your Terra Cotta treasures as well!

Simply include #terracottasavannah on your personal Instagram photos, so we can get a sneak-peek at how you style our pieces!

Happy Instagram-ing Everyone!

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What’s New: October

“A hat is a flag, a shield, a bit of armor, and the badge of femininity….it’s the difference between being dressed and being dressed up; it’s the difference between looking adequate and looking your best.

A hat is to be stylish in, to glow under, to flirt beneath, to make all others seem jealous over… a piece of magic is a hat.”

-Martha Sliter

Felt Hat from San Diego Hat Company

This October, our Terra Cotta Woman adorns her head with hats, headbands, and hoods…creating a sense of mystery…a dash of drama…and sprinkle of spirited character to any outfit she’s wearing.

Reversible hand knitted head-dress with faux fur lining and pockets.

(matching arm warmers also available)

Top it off  this October with a beret or a bowler, cocktail hat or a cloche, fedora or perhaps a feathered head dress.  Terra Cotta’s array of head turning accessories will be sure to excite your senses.  With an incredible selection of the season’s most sophisticated headbands, flirty fedoras, knitted caps, french tortoise hair clips, and ear warming turbans, the Terra Cotta girls can’t wait to adorn you!

1. Smoke Blue Wide Brimmed Fedora

2. Green Tweed Fedora with Leather & Feather Embellishment

3. Black Fedora with Bow Detail

“Why wear a hat?”  

You dress your body every day, you dress your feet, you bejewel your wrists and décolleté…so why not your head?

 Hats offer minimal effort with maximum effect. While part of the charm of this skyward style lies in a nostalgic formality, the practice hasn’t evolved beyond its time-honored challenges.

Knitted caps frame your face beautifully and can take you from bed head to Oh La La in no time.

 Perfect for biking, these headbands meet your turban desires and keep your fly-aways at bay on those wonderfully windy days. Transition your summer head scarf into it’s bohemian cousin, a knitted headband.


1. Chevron Knitted Headband with Button Closure

2. Cream Knitted Headband with Button Closure

How about wearing a beautiful hair clip or headband for when you take off your fedora?

Hand-made in France and Italy, these designers know how to hold your locks in place without damaging them. Lorren Bell, Wardani, and French Atelier’s tortoise hair clips and headbands are classic, versatile, and create a romantic, effortless hairstyle.

Molly Gee Designs also provides decadent, hand-made headbands for the woman who wants to take her look from day to night. Whether worn in a bohemian fashion with wavy tresses, or styled with a slick bun, these headbands will bring a whimsical sparkle to your face and fashion.

Hair accessories will always fit and make exciting, personal gifts for those you love. We hope you will discover the magical enchantment when you allow a headpiece to highlight your unique personality.  

photos via: San Diego Hat Company, Fashion Gone Rogue, Molly Gee Designs

What’s New: September


September has awakened an invigorating spirit of strength within the Terra Cotta Woman. Introduce yourself to a new beginning with a contemporary perspective to the art of dressing.

From the runway, to the everyday, women are embracing the decadence of opulent, richly-inspired fashion. Whether it is through boldly textural garments, metallic leathers, or glistening gems, the Terra Cotta Women is looking forward to a fall season of opulent transformation.

1. Darling Helena Coat.

2. Britt Ryan Printed Silk Dress.

3. Citrine, Champagne Quartz, & Rubies: Gemstones that can be found in our Caro’s Jewelry.

4. Hobo Veronica in Bordeaux  & Nana in Autumn Paisley .

“…We know the fashion message for Fall 2012 is all about strength. This polished, commanding feeling carried over into accessories as well and is best exemplified by the above-the-knee boots..(and) rich jewel tones… seen on the runways from New York to Paris. It was an opulent season to say the least, but one with looks simultaneously appropriate for today’s businesswoman. Attaché bags, animal prints, and rich embellishments pulled double-duty as they’re well suited for both work and leisure…. Accessories made a power play for fall, standing on their own and owning it—and isn’t that what this season is all about anyway?”- Vogue.com

 Miz Mooz, a fantastic New York based label that fearlessly delivers this fall in the most sumptuous textures. Luxurious abundance doesn’t stop at lavish handbags or jewel-toned coats, have you seen September’s stylish shoes?

The latest collection from Miz Mooz offers a feeling of unstoppable confidence with wearable sustainability. It’s a delicate balance of looking good and feeling good, but our customers agree.. these shoes have a rich sole that offers incredible comfort… yes we said comfort.

We let our store kitty, Miss Amelia, chose this season’s must-haves:

1. Lance Oxford

2. Amelia Boot

3. Franklin Oxford in Brown & Black

Cheryl Matson from Miz Mooz, was gracious enough to answer some our questions about the company’s humble beginnings, their eclectic customer, and the inspiration that fuels their unique designs.

“Miz Mooz began life as a private label in a handful of NYC stores just over ten years ago, with our broader wholesale business starting in 2004.  The first few years it was really just a two man operation, until I came on board, providing a much needed -if I do say so myself – female voice.  In the past three years we’ve grown from a trio to team of nine, and as you pointed out, I am just barely the eldest of the group at the ripe old age of 32.

Miz Mooz shoes reflect the energy and personalities of our team, as well as those of our customers. We’re a unique and fun bunch, we know what the trends are, but would prefer to set our own than follow someone’s lead.  Like us, the Miz Mooz woman appreciates quality and craft, but also wants shoes with quirky and interesting details that will set her apart from the crowd.  She’s sophisticated, has a killer sense of humor, and doesn’t take herself too seriously.  You can see these characteristics revealed in our vibrant hand burnished leathers, unexpected hardware and adornments, and contrasting materials.”

It is time to relinquish the old and look towards the new. Hobo is offering the most exciting promotion this month! Join us, September 14th-30th in our Purse Trade-In event! Bring one of your old handbag into Terra Cotta, and get a $50 credit towards your NEW Hobo purse! We will donate your old bag to  our local charity, Dress for Success, keeping you up-to-date, organized, and helping the community at the same time! You should be so proud of yourself.

Let’s adopt this feeling of opulence by filling our fall wardrobe with jewel-toned delights and embracing a giving heart. Become inspired by burgundy and honey gold hues of September, welcome a new pair of unique Miz Mooz into your closet, and recycle a past treasure in order fall in love with a new one.

Ciao, Terra Cotta

What’s New : July

The Terra Cotta Woman takes pride in where she comes from. She spends this July searching for distinctive pieces that are sure to become family heirlooms. Her selective eye spots classic silhouettes in great quality sustainable fabrics. What’s old will always become new again, and the Terra Cotta Woman looks forward to seeing her wardrobe worn and appreciated by the next generation one day.

Let’s take a moment this month to appreciate the simplistic nature of the past. There once was a time when all flowers were grown from seeds, all tomatoes were heirloom, and one would save money all year to buy the perfect summer dress that has now lasted twenty.

It’s all about fine quality fabrics and fantastic tailoring.  Think about the outfit that Audrey Hepburn wore on the back of the scooter in Roman Holiday.  These are the foundation pieces of your wardrobe, pieces that you will wear again and again and someday pass down to your grandchildren. The Terra Cotta Woman knows that in a culture of disposable quantities, classic design and quality fabrics remain the definition of true sustainability.

The best thing I know is to do exactly what you wish for a while

-Dr. Bonnachoven from Roman Holiday

.1 Lightweight navy and white striped dress from Red 23.  Asymmetrical hemline hits at the knee. Pair with a blazer and Waxing Poetic charm necklace for a dressy affair.

.2  Silver Vintage Letter Stamp Necklace from Avindy on a handcrafted sterling silver seal with one diamond on the bail and palladium chain.

.3 Eva Franco’s Taffey Dress in navy and sand colored linen.   Pair with wedges for a playful look.  Add a wide brimmed hat and a Nantucket basket purse.

.4 Cross front wedges from BC Footwear.  Available in whiskey, black, and mustard and comfortable for walking on cobblestone streets.

.5 Eva Franco’s Orla dress in navy and sand colored linen.  Pleated A-line skirt and striped hem. Change out the belt to add some color.

 Let us help you make the right investments for your wardrobe heirlooms this July by offering you to 25% OFF all APPAREL, SHOES, and HOBO BAGS for the entire month!

Our current selections are timeless and great investments that you will feel proud to wear for years to come.

Ciao, Terra Cotta

*photo by Leombruno-Bodi, July 1955 © Condé Nast Archive/Corbis

*pattern by ashley g

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