Summer 2019

Bright and fun colors.

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Heather Lindsey Stewart

Turning ideas into tactile pieces of adornment has always been a passion of mine. My perception of nature has always played an instrumental part in fueling my inspiration as well as my love of the Japanese culture. Stark tree branches that overlap on a crisp cold day represent clean modern lines in my minds eye. Many simple yet understated occurrences in nature will lead me to new thought processes and designs as well as patterns created in my daily living.


Jennifer Huskey

Jennifer Huskey is a self-taught ceramic artist and designer living and creating in Savannah, GA. Inspired by coastal Georgia, she refers to the landscape in tone and texture, using a variety of white and dark stoneware clays, as well as porcelain, to create natural, organic-inspired functional pottery and jewelry. Her work is available locally in Savannah, GA at Terra Cotta and online.


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